Well, my story was about a man in the neighbourhood who exposed me to seeing pornography, seeing what they call sperm for the first time by forcing it out. More so, he dipped his big genitals into my anus, which I know was larger than my anus.

Few years down the line, I started having what they call pile and all sort. I am such a person who does not take surgery things and my parents were amazed since the challenge began.

Getting myself cured is another main challenge.

How long has this sexual abuse / behaviour occurred/been occurring?


Have you ever told anyone or received help?

A person who only motivated me.

Who did you tell or what type of help did you receive?

Motivational and counselling

Have you noticed any physical or medical changes with your body as a result of the sexual abuse?

Yes I have, periodical pile experience. Pain without description

What has been the emotional or psychological effects you’ve experienced as a result of the sexual abuse?

Feel bad whenever I recall the event.

Do you wish to further speak with mental health professionals about this?