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Whealth Story #002: “…Just never let low moments drive you towards envy or illegal acts”

Whealth Story #02 features Chidera Emmanuel Anushiem, a 24-year-old man resident in Ibadan, Nigeria. He shares his experience on the pressure to fend for oneself and the lessons he’s learned from it.


What is your earliest memory of the pressure to make money and fend for yourself or others as a boy/man?
When my dad lost his job in 2020. I knew funds wouldn’t be coming as steadily from home and I had to do something about it.
When did your pursuit of wealth start?
Just after the pandemic-triggered lockdowns.
What is your Whealth story? What instance(s) did it feel like you were not in a good state of mind (due to financial pressure or issues) while you were chasing the bag? How did it affect you? What did you turn to to make it better?
I’ve always felt like I wasn’t in the right mind whenever I had to write articles for peanuts back in the day (say 2017/18). I decided to scale my hustle and sign up on freelancing websites to help me make more bucks. Unfortunately, things didn’t take off until 2020, and –– believe me –– that was when things began to get better.
What was the turning point for you? How do you think it could work for others?

The turning point for me was in 300 level. The day I had only 100 naira and two eggs to survive. Torn between buying kerosene, data, and water.

Ultimately, I settled for the first (1/2 bottle was around that figure then). Got water on credit, slept, and read to pass time. And that was the day I decided between my grades (was still on a first class) and deciding to pursue money-making ventures. A second class upper wasn’t the end of the world but hunger could definitely end mine.

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And that was the day I began to appreciate privilege in life. If you do not have the privilege of having parents who can provide everything for you at your beck and call, let every low moment in your life push you and drive you to want to be able to give your children a better life.

Once you have that drive, identify a highly paying and hugely promising sector. Double down. Learn from all the OGs that have gone before you. Read, watch and take in everything there is to be taken in. And execute like crazy.

One day, the stars will align. Just never let low moments drive you towards envy or illegal acts.




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