Boys Without Borders is a non-profit organization registered as Empowering the Boy-Child Foundation. Our mission is to provide boys with the necessary resources and support they need to grow into well-rounded and functional members of society. We understand that boys face unique challenges and require gender-focused initiatives to help them reach their full potential.

For too long, the boy-child has been seen as a potential threat, and as a result, the female gender has been shielded from them. However, this perspective is flawed, and it ignores the fact that boys are also vulnerable and need support to grow into well-rounded adults. We recognize that a balanced and functional society requires both men and women to thrive, and we are committed to ensuring that the boy-child is not left behind.

Our organization recognizes that the issues facing boys in our society are complex and multifaceted, ranging from sexual abuse to lack of proper orientation. We are dedicated to tackling these issues head-on by providing boys with the necessary education, support, and resources to overcome them and reach their full potential.

Boys Without Borders is not in competition with girl-child initiatives. Instead, we aim to provide a balanced approach to gender-focused initiatives, recognizing that both boys and girls require unique support to thrive.

We are a community of passionate and committed volunteers who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of young boys. We believe that by investing in their development, we can create a better future for all. Our organization is committed to providing boys with a safe and supportive environment that encourages their growth and development into responsible and productive members of society.

  1. To provide a platform for building boy-child advocates.
  2. To create platforms where we represent the needs of the boy-child.
  3. To be an envoy carrying the message of the boy-child to the society.
  4. To create platforms that will see to proper self-development of the boy-child.
  5. To become a voice to sexually abused boys in the society.
  6. To collaborate with other organizations and initiatives whose vision aligns with ours.
  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Excellence
  • Advocacy
  • Impact
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity

The Boy-Child has a need

His needs are valid

Strategic actions towards the boy-child are our responsibility

To bring a balance to an unbalanced scale of gender representation

To bring to light the reality of sexual abuse of the boy-child


To see our society come into full acceptance, the essentiality of the need to sensitize and orientate the boy-child.


To be at the frontier of advocating for the boy child around the world.


Raising functional men