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Boys II Men II Boys is an initiative of Boys Without Borders Nigeria aimed at championing the organization’s education and re-orientation efforts.

The content pieces on this blog will take an educational approach, focusing on two vital segments: re-orientating members of society on how to raise boys into functional men serving as the go-to platform for boys to learn about salient topics as they grow up.

While this blog explores issues related to the boy-child, and within the context of society, it does so from an educational and didactic perspective.

Name Inspiration

The name for this blog was inspired by the Boys II Men campaign, an initiative earlier run by our organization where we shared nuggets with boys. Boys II Men represents how boys transition to become men.

The Boys II Men campaign was an effort to infiltrate the transition process and populate it with useful nuggets.

The name Boys II Men II Boys takes the idea further by representing a two-way communication system between men and boys during the boy-child’s growth process, where boys communicate with men, and men also communicate with boys.

Boys can share their concerns and questions, while men can pass on useful guidance and mentorship.

While our published content forms the men-boys channel, the comment section, our contact forms, and social media platforms will serve as the boys-men channel.


You’re welcome to the Boys Without Borders NG Blog!

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