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Why Borderless?

Since inception, we’ve always been about impact and reach — how well we can spread our re-orientation to members of society.

There’s a lot to be said about boy-child upbringing. There’s a lot to change about the abandonment boys face in the upbringing process. There are must-have conversations that no one is making efforts to start online or offline.

And so, Borderless. Think of this as a centralized means of re-orientating society about the boy-child, his needs, societal issues relating to the boy-child, and how those issues come together to give us the boys and men we know and have today.

This is where where we host unhinged and must-have conversations on societal issues as they relate to the boy-child.

Borderless will bring you proof of why we all need to collectively change how we perceive, interact with, and train our male children. 

For the boy-child, for society — the must-have conversations!

Borderless, The Boys Without Borders NG Podcast

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