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At Boys Without Borders, our volunteering efforts take shape through the two main branches of our organization: our directorates and campus networks. Operating at the national level, Boys Without Borders has four directorates overseeing our holistic approach to boy-child advocacy. Get to meet them!

The Directorate of Media and Communication is a cross-functional team of passionate volunteers charged with the task of internal and external communication for Boys Without Borders, overseeing publicity, public relations, media, and marketing communications.

We are a team of content strategists, content creators, designers, social media managers, communications specialists, PR strategists, and video content creators working cross-functionally to plan, create, and distribute educational content via several media for the boy-child. 

The work we do at the Directorate of Media and Communication is critical to helping Boys Without Borders take its re-orientation efforts to both boys and our society at large.

The Directorate of Sponsorship and Partnership identifies potential sponsors and partners for our organization which can be in the form of persons, grants, brands, and organizations. Our directorate sources and applies for grants, and develops strategies to establish strong partnerships and improve existing relationships with sponsors and partners. 

Boy-child advocacy at the scale and size of Boys Without Borders’ operation requires a lot of financial involvement and strategic collaborations, and our directorate has been at the forefront of pushing for the actualization of the organization’s goals.


Media and Comms’ Senior Brother and Idol 

The Campus Network and Volunteer Engagement Directorate supervises the affairs of BWB campus networks and also establishes more campus networks across the country.


The vision for the channel of expansion of the organization lies within the student body and the directorate stands to help the organization realize this goal.


Thus, the directorate is important in the organization’s bid of spreading the gospel of boy child advocacy across the country, and later across Africa and the rest of the world.


Further, we handle volunteer recruitment and receiving feedback and complaints from volunteers. We also organize training for volunteers and ensure that volunteers maintain the organization’s standard of work ethics.


Think of how important the HR department is in any organization all around the world: that is how important our directorate is.

To let you in on a secret, we can decide to fire the Managing Directors tomorrow morning if we want to.

We are the Finance Directorate of Boys Without Borders, and just as our name implies, we handle everything relating to finances and expenses for the organization. We also put in measures to make sure that our funds are properly managed. We currently have eight members and you can say that we are the backbone of Boys Without Borders. Because, where would they be without us? Broke.

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