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“This Happened In The Late 80s” — Anonymous 010

As a child growing up, we had this Igbo neighbor family who had plenty of female children.  Myself and my cousins at a very early age between 3/4 years were abused by some of the girls in their early teens. They will call us in and rub their boobs and private parts on us, till I summon the courage to report to my mom who took it further by telling their mom.  Then it was […]

“He Would Tell Me To Secretly Come” — Anonymous 009

I don’t know how to write a long epistle. I never understood what it meant then (although I had the understanding later), but within me, I just knew it was wrong, though I didn’t know why I never tried telling anyone about it. Maybe because I was threatened or there was no one to really confide in. The point is at age 5, in those days my mum wasn’t always around, she was always out

First attempted male sexual assault story for Project Boys Talk About It 4.0

“She Would Attempt Kissing Me Many Times…” – Anonymous 001

I was staying in Lagos with my uncle. He married a young lady who agreed to marry him because of his money and some recommendations she got that elderly men take proper care of younger folks.  He’s a faraway uncle or let me say someone from my village. The wife was young but about 10 years older than me. She always liked staying around me.  She would force my uncle to do anything I wanted

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