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We Sexually Abused Many Till We Reached SS3 – Anonymous 008

BTAI stands for Boys Talk About It. It is an annual project undergone to create societal awareness of the realities of Boy-Child Sexual Abuse. The stories you will be reading are anonymously shared with us by real people, detailing real experiences.

PS: The majority of the stories shared here are by men who were abused as minors. Some of these men are now fathers. We will appreciate your showing sensitivity and empathy in the case of commentary. In the meantime, we will appreciate you give us 2 minutes of your time to help fill this SURVEY on how society reacts to male sexual abuse. Thanks.

I entered the boarding house at age 9. I was in JSS1, a popular boy’s only school. The seniors will call the small boys to come rub their chest and penis before they sleep, sometimes we’ll lick till we were tired, they sleep off, or they reach climax Due to light out, sometimes they will come throw their weight on us in the middle of the night, and we don’t dare question them asking for stupid stuffs. I remember those dirty smelling mouths kissing me.

At some point I kept a table knife, I wanted to stab one senior, he was always rough, weighty with muscles, he was lucky he didn’t come that night. Homosexuality became a thing, seniors prey on fine young boys as school sons to pass their sexual desire.  They force every student to masturbation to confirm you now have sperms. It was a day of rejoicing when mine finally came in JSS3.

The abused mates now paired up to find homosexual partners doing best friends, they force you to play and they enjoy watching, I suffered more because they say my hands were soft, an angry friend nearly cut off a seniors penis with his teeth, but he suffered the worst beating of his life. We don’t dare tell anyone.

Masturbation became a habit and having desire for boys. We abused many till we reached SS3. It became a cycle. I feel so sad to remember. The psychological effect of masturbation is still hard to let go even after being married with kids.

I hate to remember my mum dropped me off at that boarding house in the hands of those wicked seniors at 9years old.

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