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“I Was Sexually Abused by My Stepmom” — Anonymous 002

I will be brief about this because it’s not just something I love remembering and maybe I’ll get over the anger in me after sharing this.

I was sexually abused by my stepmom. Can I even call her that?

After the death of my mom, my dad remarried almost immediately. I was just 7 years old, my younger sister was 4. Our mom died when I was 6 years old.

This stepmom was my mom’s colleague back then too. She would come into our room and start touching my penis anyhow. And she later said my penis was too small, that she wanted to help me make it big.

I wasn’t happy at all with it. Then, one night, she came and told me to sit on her lap and she started moving my body towards her body.

This happened for a long time. I didn’t understand but I hated it. Some other times, she would tell me to suck her breasts.

On my 10th birthday, she came and told me to suck her vagina before she would give me her gift. I said no. She slapped me, and then, my sister entered.

She left the room and I told my sister about it. We were so young and helpless. We told our dad and he said we were lying.

He even said we were disrespectful. I was sent to the boarding house and my sister came to join me the year after. She later tried to apologize when she noticed that my sister and I didn’t like her children. She has three kids for our dad.

I hate my dad and blame him for everything. I’m married with kids now and I am protecting them with all the strength in me. This is my story. My wife didn’t even know about this.



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