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Gender stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes: Are They All That?

By: Nathaniel Ashaye “Girls should play with dolls; while boys play with trucks.” “Girls should like red and pink; while boys should favor blue and green.” “Boys should not wear clothes linked with “girl colors” and girls shouldn’t be interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses.” How and why did we come about these assumptions? Assumptions of how members of a gender should act are fixed and simplistic ideas of how men and […]

The fate of the boychild in the 21st century banner

The Fate of the Boychild in the 21st Century

By: Abdulmojeed Kawthar Image Credit: Boys Without Borders In the 21st century, the fate of the boy child has undergone significant changes and challenges. While progress is being made in terms of gender equality and addressing gender stereotypes, there are still areas where boys face unique struggles. A boy might grow up in a bustling urban neighborhood, come from a loving and supportive family that believes in gender equality, and be encouraged by his parents

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