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Gender stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes: Are They All That?

By: Nathaniel Ashaye “Girls should play with dolls; while boys play with trucks.” “Girls should like red and pink; while boys should favor blue and green.” “Boys should not wear clothes linked with “girl colors” and girls shouldn’t be interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses.” How and why did we come about these assumptions? Assumptions of how members of a gender should act are fixed and simplistic ideas of how men and […]

Two women leaders proving there's no relationship between leadership and gender.

Leadership and Gender: Society, Stereotypes and the Way Forward

By: Solomon Idowu Image Credit: Boys Without Borders/Ire Ajewole. As a boy or man, have you ever had situations where you are uncomfortable with a female being your leader? Or have you ever experienced scenarios where females are told to respect their male counterparts for the mere fact that they are male? Or that a woman should listen to a man because she belongs to the kitchen, the other room or other domestic spheres? Most

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