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“… I was told I was going to experience seizure each time I ejaculated” — Anonymous 004

A 13-year-old boy who was barely a man …Had a classmate who was a friend to a senior (girl) back then in secondary school. I was in JSS 3 at that time, while the senior was in SSS 2. She would always come to check on her friend and bring stuff for me while we were on break.

When I mean stuff, I mean goodies (biscuits, sweets, money and her food too). I wondered why she was so generous, although I wasn’t bothered (I mean, why would I even be, with all the stuff I was getting). Moving on, She introduced herself and said she’d like to be my school mother. Trust me, I couldn’t have said no. Wetin I even know then?

She said: “I would get everything you want me to get for you and wouldn’t like you rejecting ’em.” And I said yes. In fact, I happily said yes cause it meant I was going to be eating when I didn’t have pocket money, and every day, in as much she’s still in our school…

Days went by. Weeks too…Then, this very week that was our inter-house week, the whole students were representing their houses, and the classes were empty. No staff or students in them. Then came my classmate who told me Snr. Abigail was calling me and that I should walk towards the school toilet, she was there waiting. I gave a head gesture that I had heard.

Immediately I heard my name, “******! School son! Come over here!”

In excitement, I went to meet her, then boom! We were in the same bathroom together. My school mother’s friends (they were two) were standing just by the bathroom door with my classmate a little bit ahead of them.

She asked how I was. I had not even answered when a kiss followed. Believe me, that was the first time I ever kissed a girl. She took my fingers and put ’em in her PP. Stuff was wet and slimy. She began to moan, loosened my belt, took my trousers off, and began to rub my penis and kept it in her mouth. We were there for over 20 minutes if I can remember vividly.

Trust me, I released more than seven times, till I began to release blood. Lady drained the whole of me that day. Cause of the blood she saw, she stopped.

Having noticed that I was weak, they took me to my class where I lay my head to rest. When everyone was back to class, they noticed my absence and they were like: “where were you all through? Are you fine? Your house won” and all…

While they said all that, one of them noticed this awful odour and the smell of blood on me, and boom, they raised me up and saw how stained I was.

I was taken to the School Health Prefect, who happened to be one of the ladies that was standing outside the bathroom while myself and my school mother were in the bathroom.

They tried to cover the situation but they couldn’t cause I was unconscious and they had to take me to the hospital. The school authorities got to know what happened while I regained consciousness and they got all three students expelled.

To this day, I haven’t set my eyes on Abigail.

The stuff dealt with me physically, I would say. Along the line, I became less of myself. Had medical treatment and I was told that I was going to experience seizures each time I was going to ejaculate cause of the trauma it has caused me and the wrong way I ejaculated for the first time, and that with time the seizure was going to stop and if at all it comes that as I grow up, I would be able to control it.

Yes, I’ve been having seizures during sex and in my early 20s I’m still controlling it. The situation has really made me hate sex (cause it’s a bag of embarrassment each time it happens) and my relationship with ladies gets broken cause each time we’re kissing they tend to want to forge ahead and I restrict them.

In fact, they conclude that I’m impotent (as foolish as it might sound, just to prove to them that I am not, I end up letting us have it). Trust me, I’ve never enjoyed sex. Never!

Each time I get to hear about marriage, I have this phobia cause how do I end up being with a woman my whole life with such disgust for sex? It’s a story I hate to remember.

This situation causes me to have ASD too (Acute Stress Disorder).

Not even my closest friends know about it. But as I grew up, and with the better understanding I was getting, I needed to let it out.

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