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Loyola College Outreach

Pictures from our visit to Loyola College, Ibadan on Friday, 14th of May 2021, in commemoration of the International Day of the Boy-Child. Here, we spoke to the boys on varying topics ranging from Peculiarities of the Male Gender, Respect for Women, Sexual Education. .  

feminism and the boy child
Breaking Borders

Where Feminism Meets The Boy Child: The Humane Approach

By: Ìbùkúnolúwa Dàda Image Credit: UNESCO As a child, my mum treated us so well that I thought girls were saints and the holiest beings after angels. I even wanted to be one until a girl stole my money in primary school, followed by a series of other terrible things from the same sex (I

Breaking Borders

Debunking Myths and Stereotypes around the Boy Child

By: Abdulmojeed Kawthar and John Jolaoso. “Cry all you want; it’s not like I care!” “Oh no! Don’t cry. You know I don’t like seeing you cry. What exactly do you say you want?” These are usually the scenarios in my home as I have two older brothers. Although these two sentences portray different personalities

male sexual abuse awareness
Breaking Borders

Demystifying Sexual Abuse against Boys and Men

By: Oluwasegun Adegoke. Image Credit: OpenGlobalRights The recurring tales (disturbing, by the way), on sexual abuse or any form of sexual harassment over the years have always predominately featured females narrating the gruesome occurrence. This raises a few eyebrows if, and truly if, men are just monster, who cannot help but sexually abuse the opposite

Breaking Borders

Peer Pressure and its often overlooked Insidious Nature.

By: Adefokun Jucal. Image Credit: Pinterest. The Insidious Nature of Peer Pressure. Peer pressure is a common topic of discussion. It has been the subject of many talks and seminars, so much that the average person has probably heard the term repeatedly, even if they don’t understand it. It plays an important role in the

Secondary school boys carrying a banner asking what boy child advocacy is.
Breaking Borders

What Is Boy Child Advocacy: A Necessity or an Unnecessary Show?

By: Oluwasina Praise Image Credit: Ray’s Photography (For Boys Without Borders) Sometime in January this year, I had a conversation with a senior colleague who made me realize that the world, as it is, is unfair towards the female gender, hence the existence of a patriarchal society. “Therefore, fighting for the side the society would

Breaking Borders

Deconstructing and Reassessing Educational Issues Confronting the Boychild

By: Emmanuel Olaoluwa. Image Credit: Ray’s Photography (For Boys Without Borders) Much, if not all, of the world’s focus on tackling the problematic educational exclusion has been emphatically structured solely around the girl-child, to the neglect of her male counterpart. By educational exclusion, I technically refer to the rampant, perhaps most prominent, challenge of education in the

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