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The girl/lady was staying with the landlords upstairs. There was a store down where they sold sachet water, ice block and kerosene which she managed because the landlords were already advanced in age. I and my younger bro used to go to the store to play with her, and one of the store doors was always locked, the right one precisely, looking from outside.

I saw her on top my brother while I was playing with an old bike parked in the store. I asked her what she was doing. She wanted to know if I wanted it too. I was curious, I said yes. So she lay me down behind the closed door like my brother, took my shorts down and got on top of me, more like squatting. I don’t know what happened, if there was any movement, I can’t recall. After a short while, I felt the urge to pee and I told her. She allowed me. I tried to pee but nothing was coming out. It was a whole new feeling for me, I didn’t know what had just occurred.

Another day she tried asking me again, this time she opened her legs and showed me her privates wide open, I left her and went out. I believe she did more with my younger brother. We’ve not had that discussion, but it did change me as it changed him. I have continually sought release through masturbating, then pornography but I can’t bring myself to a stop.

How long has this sexual abuse / behaviour occurred/been occurring?

Just once

Have you ever told anyone or received help?

I haven’t really told anyone. I have not received help.

Who did you tell or what type of help did you receive?


Have you noticed any physical or medical changes with your body as a result of the sexual abuse?


What has been the emotional or psychological effects you’ve experienced as a result of the sexual abuse?

The feeling to ejaculate had me masturbating, and I ALSO got into pornography. I feel bad about myself before and after I release

Do you wish to further speak with mental health professionals about this?


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