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I got raped at age 5 by a young man. This was something he did on Sundays. I grew up hating men; I wouldn’t lie, even though I still date them. I’m a guy by the way though, the hate has subsided after I met a couple of other guys who have proven otherwise. Ever since the experience I had at 5, I honestly find it hard condoning any form of abuse, it made me very sensitive and it sends a huge shiver down my spine every time.

How long has this sexual abuse / behaviour occurred/been occurring?

I can say three times as at then.

Have you ever told anyone or received help?

Yes, I’ve been outspoken over the years to friends and a therapist I started seeing.

Who did you tell or what type of help did you receive?

Close friends and my therapist.

Have you noticed any physical or medical changes with your body as a result of the sexual abuse?

Nothing medically only that for a long-time I kept thinking of what he did. Which I actually confronted him via telephone at some point but we’ve not spoken over four years now.

What has been the emotional or psychological effects you’ve experienced as a result of the sexual abuse?

I’ve been depressed do many times. The memory made me blame myself and everyone around me for a long-time but I’ve gone past that stage.

Do you wish to further speak with mental health professionals about this?


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