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2024 Chidera Anushiem Essay Contest shortlist

The 2024 Chidera Anushiem Essay Contest Shortlist

May 16, 2024 Ibadan, Nigeria — The 2024 Chidera Anushiem Essay Contest, first in an annual series in commemoration of the International Day of the Boy-child, has reached a significant milestone with the announcement of its shortlist. This year’s contest, sponsored by Mr. Chidera Anushiem and Writinova, called on male undergraduate students across Nigerian universities to comment on the role of boy-child advocacy in building a balanced future, recorded 52 entries. After a week of […]

The 2024 Chidera Anushiem Essay Contest

Ibadan, Nigeria — In commemoration of this year’s International Day of the Boy-child, Boys Without Borders Nigeria is pleased to announce the Chidera Anushiem Essay Contest. This essay contest, made possible by the benevolence of Mr. Chidera Anushiem and Writinova, is open to male undergraduate students in Nigeria. The inaugural Chidera Anushiem Annual Essay Contest will be open for submissions between April 13, 2024 and May 11, 2024. The Modalities of the Essay Contest This

Gender stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes: Are They All That?

By: Nathaniel Ashaye “Girls should play with dolls; while boys play with trucks.” “Girls should like red and pink; while boys should favor blue and green.” “Boys should not wear clothes linked with “girl colors” and girls shouldn’t be interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses.” How and why did we come about these assumptions? Assumptions of how members of a gender should act are fixed and simplistic ideas of how men and

Boys Without Borders celebrating 2 years of boychild advocacy

Celebrating Our 2 Years of Boy Child Advocacy: Of Our Volunteers and What We Stand For

One thing we can take from so many readings, especially those that aim to preach of a world that is in itself unfair, is that life is not particularly fair to anyone. Whether we want to take different phenomena into reality, the truth still remains that there will always be mishaps along the way. However, in this world that has so much been tagged as unfair, we, as humans, can strive to do things that

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