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Sexually abused by a nanny

“I Was Sexually Abused By My Neighbor’s Nanny” — Anonymous 006

Dear Survivor, we are sorry you had to go through all you went through during the abuse. We appreciate how courageous you are to have decided to share your story through us. Kindly drop your story here in detail. Thank you. There’s not much to say though. I was sexually abused by my neighbor’s nanny. My nanny used to keep me at her place before going to the market each day to get stuff. She […]

“This Happened In The Late 80s” — Anonymous 010

As a child growing up, we had this Igbo neighbor family who had plenty of female children.  Myself and my cousins at a very early age between 3/4 years were abused by some of the girls in their early teens. They will call us in and rub their boobs and private parts on us, till I summon the courage to report to my mom who took it further by telling their mom.  Then it was

“He Would Tell Me To Secretly Come” — Anonymous 009

I don’t know how to write a long epistle. I never understood what it meant then (although I had the understanding later), but within me, I just knew it was wrong, though I didn’t know why I never tried telling anyone about it. Maybe because I was threatened or there was no one to really confide in. The point is at age 5, in those days my mum wasn’t always around, she was always out

Flyer for story of a boy sexually molested by a woman

“To date, I Didn’t Tell Anyone About It” — Anonymous 005

I had my little experience of sexual abuse when I was growing up. I hope my story will inspire someone. Well, it all started when I was a little boy. I was molested by both male and female. First, it was a female. She was our family friend. When I was a boy, she would carry me to her room, and start to rub my tiny penis on her vagina. Well, she thought I wouldn’t

Raped by a paedophile

“This Went On And On For Months…” — Anonymous 003

 I should be able to forgive him now, but it’s hard to do so because I get angry whenever I remember it. This was how it happened: When I was like 5 or 6 years old, my mom was working as a caregiver or let’s say nanny in one rich man’s house and she usually took me along. We didn’t have much; dad was struggling too. Things were so tight. Mom would go to the

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