Sexually abused by a nanny

“I Was Sexually Abused By My Neighbor’s Nanny” — Anonymous 006

Dear Survivor, we are sorry you had to go through all you went through during the abuse. We appreciate how courageous you are to have decided to share your story through us. Kindly drop your story here in detail. Thank you.
There’s not much to say though. I was sexually abused by my neighbor’s nanny. My nanny used to keep me at her place before going to the market each day to get stuff. She played with my private parts and sat on my face regularly while emitting foul-smelling gasses from her ass, she compelled me to touch her, and kissed me awkwardly in all manner of sexual abuses.
For how long did this sexual abuse occur or has been occurring?
I can’t remember when it started, but it lasted until I was 10.
How old are you?
In my twenties.
Have you ever told anyone or received help?
Who did you tell or what type of help did you receive?
No one
Have you noticed any physical or medical changes in your body as a result of the sexual abuse?
What have been the emotional or psychological effects you’ve experienced as a result of the sexual abuse?
I can only enjoy being with women far older than me.
How do you feel after sharing your story with us?
Has the abuse affected you in a way you think you might need professional help and therapy?

“This Happened In The Late 80s” — Anonymous 010

As a child growing up, we had this Igbo neighbor family who had plenty of female children. 

Myself and my cousins at a very early age between 3/4 years were abused by some of the girls in their early teens.

They will call us in and rub their boobs and private parts on us, till I summon the courage to report to my mom who took it further by telling their mom. 

Then it was realized that they even had sex with an older cousin of mine who was 11 then and they were 12 and 14 years old. 

This happened in the late 80’s ooo, so you can imagine how long this stuff has been in existence. 

God deliver and save our children.


“He Would Tell Me To Secretly Come” — Anonymous 009

I don’t know how to write a long epistle. I never understood what it meant then (although I had the understanding later), but within me, I just knew it was wrong, though I didn’t know why I never tried telling anyone about it.

Maybe because I was threatened or there was no one to really confide in. The point is at age 5, in those days my mum wasn’t always around, she was always out for the hustle due to the fact that there was no one to look up to as a dad. 

As for Dad I never knew him, I only know he and my mum weren’t together because of some reasons. Anyway, I used to stay in the neighbor’s house till my mum would get back. One of this neighbor’s son, like three times older, as I could remember, would tell me to secretly come and make sure I rub or suck his dick till he releases.

After the third time, I stopped going to the house whenever he was around. I couldn’t say it out because he told me not to and probably threatened me then and he would also buy biscuits for me after everything.

In the long run, I just had to start running from him. I thought that was the end until an aunt staying with us then, also did the same thing at that age with the same threat, till when she thought I had sense at age 8.

They would think I don’t remember but I remember well.

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“To date, I Didn’t Tell Anyone About It” — Anonymous 005

I had my little experience of sexual abuse when I was growing up. I hope my story will inspire someone. Well, it all started when I was a little boy. I was molested by both male and female. First, it was a female.

She was our family friend. When I was a boy, she would carry me to her room, and start to rub my tiny penis on her vagina.

Well, she thought I wouldn’t know, but she forgot that as a kid, my mind and brain were so sharp to retain things. To date, I didn’t tell anyone about it. If not now that I am telling you.

I wonder why she engaged in such an act with me. She used to be a very beautiful young lady then, she could have gotten any man of her choice. Why little me?

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“This Went On And On For Months…” — Anonymous 003

 I should be able to forgive him now, but it’s hard to do so because I get angry whenever I remember it.

This was how it happened:

When I was like 5 or 6 years old, my mom was working as a caregiver or let’s say nanny in one rich man’s house and she usually took me along.

We didn’t have much; dad was struggling too. Things were so tight. Mom would go to the house and clean, cook, and also stay with the children. She also sold provisions at home just to help our father.

My mom’s boss had a younger brother living with them, and he would tell me to come to his room while my mom worked around the house.

He started by rubbing my penis, and if I tried to cry or scream, he would tell me he was helping me to massage it so that it won’t pain me later. Later, he told me to rub his dick too and I did. I didn’t even understand what he was doing to me.

Then, he started rubbing his dick on my anus and he’d threaten me not to talk saying if I do, my penis would disappear. But I was uncomfortable with it, and so I started acting weird whenever mom was about going to the house.

This went on and on for months. But one day, he had his way by inserting his big penis into my anus and I cried out.

Mom ran upstairs and met him on me. I was bleeding profusely and Mom carried me out and also slapped him repeatedly.

I was admitted for days. The pain was too much for me. That was the last time I visited that house. Mom reported him and she also stopped working there.

I remember the man and his wife came to beg my mom and also decided to pay my school fees, but dad sent them away. Dad later informed the police but they had money; the case was closed before it even started.

Till now, I feel like seeing him so I can strangle his neck. I just hope I can forgive him. I really hope so.


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“I Was Sexually Abused by My Stepmom” — Anonymous 002

I will be brief about this because it’s not just something I love remembering and maybe I’ll get over the anger in me after sharing this.

I was sexually abused by my stepmom. Can I even call her that?

After the death of my mom, my dad remarried almost immediately. I was just 7 years old, my younger sister was 4. Our mom died when I was 6 years old.

This stepmom was my mom’s colleague back then too. She would come into our room and start touching my penis anyhow. And she later said my penis was too small, that she wanted to help me make it big.

I wasn’t happy at all with it. Then, one night, she came and told me to sit on her lap and she started moving my body towards her body.

This happened for a long time. I didn’t understand but I hated it. Some other times, she would tell me to suck her breasts.

On my 10th birthday, she came and told me to suck her vagina before she would give me her gift. I said no. She slapped me, and then, my sister entered.

She left the room and I told my sister about it. We were so young and helpless. We told our dad and he said we were lying.

He even said we were disrespectful. I was sent to the boarding house and my sister came to join me the year after. She later tried to apologize when she noticed that my sister and I didn’t like her children. She has three kids for our dad.

I hate my dad and blame him for everything. I’m married with kids now and I am protecting them with all the strength in me. This is my story. My wife didn’t even know about this.



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